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Anti Acne Herbal Acne Skin Care Treatment Cream
Rid Your Acne within Days with No Squeezing, No Pain & No Scarring, And Regain Your Self-Confidence with Clear Youthful Baby-soft Radiant Complexion!

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M90-O Herbal Acne Skin Care Treatment Cream

Price:SGD 47.70 (Ref:  #M90-O)

M90-O Herbal AC-Cream

A soothing complex multi-herbal formula with efficacious benefits to effectively subside Acne and the appearance of surface imperfections. To be applied directly to affected spot(s), immediately after proper cleansing and toning, in the morning & night.


Acne will subside the next day or within a few days without Stinging or Sensitizing Sensation, and leaving NO Dark Marks, Deep Scars and a Dehydrated Complexion. You Regain Your Self-confidence Speedily with Youthful Supple, Baby-soft Radiant complexion!


*  Alcohol & Coloring Free.
*  Non-sticky & extremely soothing.
*  Multi-herbal extracts purifies and nourishes skin.
*  Does not dehydrate skin.
*  Free of Benzoyl Peroxide, Tetracycline, Mercury or any unsafe ingredients. 

   Acne Conglobata Result With Dr. Pierre Acne Skin Care Treatment Cream

 Bef Acne Skin Care Treatment


Arrow Acne Scar

 After Acne Skin Care Treatment

   Acne Scar Result With Dr. Pierre Acne Skin Care Treatment Cream

 Acne Scar Before Acne Skin Care Treatment


Arrow Acne Scar


 Acne Scar After Acne Skin Care Treatment



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ELSE Click for Treatment and Management Advice on any of the following blemishes:

1.   Oily skin & Seborrhea
2.   Clogged-pores(Blackheads/Comedones)
3.   Acne/Zits/Pimples
4.   Scars(Post-acneic)
5.   Sunburn
6.   Melasma/Chloasma(Pigmentation)
7.   Dry/Dehydrated skin
8.   Allergy, Sensitive & Sensitized skin
9.   Milia(Whiteheads)
10. Dark under-eye circles
11. Makeup (Blotchy/Won't Stay)
12 Personal Consultation with Dr Pierre

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  Dr. Pierre Herbal Cosmeceuticals

50 East Coast Road, #02-126, Roxy Square II, Singapore 428769

Tel: +65-9005 8577  or  +65-6440 9388


Operating Hours: Mon to Sun between 11.00 am and 8.00 PM Singapore time (GMT +8.00 hours)

 Blackheads Remover User BrendaJenkins

Hi, I am Brenda Jenkins from Ocean Springs, MS in the United States. I discovered Dr. Pierre skincare about 3 years ago when I lived in Colorado. I tried all of the Trial Kits before I bought retail size because I wanted to tailor the products to my everyday use. Therefore, I can personally testify that all of Dr. Pierre products are gentle, effective, and have pleasant and subtle earthy aromas. Thanks to Dr. Pierre, I have a beautiful complexion and everyone I meet thinks I am younger than 31 years old. No questions asked, I am a loyal customer!

Brenda Jenkins - U.S.A.

Blackheads Remover User MicheleLeonard

Hi to all of you in search of a cure for your acne! I believe Dr. Pierre's products are the answer you have been searching for. It has been mine!! I have suffered with acne for 28 years. I have tried everything from A-Z. From sunlamps in the '70's to glycolic peels in the '90's and everything else in between. Nothing really worked and ended up just creating more problems! That is Until I tried Dr. Pierre's products! I noticed improvement the very first day I used them! They have been like a God send for me! I urge you to give them a try TODAY!! Dr. Pierre Chenxu and his company is First Rate with First Class Service! You won't be disappointed! Thank you Dr. Pierre for your commitment to excellence!! And for providing "HOPE" to what once seemed hopeless.... Best Regards Always,

Michele Leonard - U.S.A.

Blackheads Remover User WendyKwek

I have used a range of product as recommend by Dr Pierre and found it to be of high quality as compared to the ones advertised aggressively on TV. As my skin type is dry he recommended me the products such as #14D Ginseng DeepCleanse Lotion and #31-D Sage Purifying Scrub that cleanse without drying the skin and the #66 Aloe Toner that really provides good hydration. My friends mentioned that they can see the difference! So, no harm testing it out for yourself.

Wendy Kwek - Singapore

Blackhead Removers User Cannie

I have discovered the secrets of timeless beauty. A definite YES since using Dr. Pierre's Skin Care Products and Facial Treatments. A good range of products leaves skin soft, radiant and scrumptious. It helps to eliminate my dull, tired, open pores skin and reduce visible fine lines too. The results are immediate and now my skin feels supple and smooth. A must to try the Dr. Pierre's Travel Kit!                                              

Cannie - Singapore